Pancakes and Pillow Fights!

Oh how I love the honesty in this shoot.  Messy hair, real smiles, real joy. Real life. Like, really real. I'm talking no makeup Real. Sometimes bravery looks like wearing a cape and saving people from danger. Sometimes it looks like letting someone capture the honest and real you. Thank you mamma Erika for letting me capture you and your beautiful family just as you are. Beautiful, fun, and loving. 

We started off with yummy breakfast pancakes. This little one just could not wait to get her hands on them. She had been waiting patiently all morning. 

Note her cute little glass? Just seconds before it was in a tiny little pieces. Thats life. Life with toddlers, life with kids.  Broken glasses. 

But this...this is life with kids. Big laughs, big smiles, big love. Big feelings.     

Really big love. 

Love so big it hurts.

I didn't  say "say cheese" one time. There was a lot I didn't do. I didn't pose. I didn't edit out any so called imperfections. Anything I would have added would have actually been taking away. 


And glitter, always glitter. Because there is always a reason to celebrate, like maybe when...

There is going to be one more amazing addition to your family! Hooray! 

Thank you Garcia family for allowing me to preserve these moments for you! 


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