The Almond Orchard Adventure

A little background. I saw these amazing orchards on a few inspiration boards and I fell in love. 

A little more background. Once I have an idea in my head, I have to do it. HAVE to. Somehow I thought to myself, a road trip 3 hours away with my toddler was going to be magical. We bought props, dresses, flowers, bracelets, lollipops, a bunny mask and cape. The more things we bought for this shoot the more magical it became. I was fully convinced she was going to be as into this as I was. I mean we bought a bunny cape! Thank you KK!

Fast forward through the wildly fun road trip where we explored, jammed to mixed tapes, sang some Bieber at the top of our lungs and had our hair in the wind for three hours. Just kidding, we spent three hours looking for youtube videos to keep my toddler from freaking out. But then, we arrived! 

It was gorgeous! GORGEOUS!

Fynn needed some immediate bribery so we used our big guns early. 

She was about that. 

She loved it at first, running down the rows just as I imagined.


I really am in love with this place as much as I thought I would be! This isn't even in full bloom. They were still pretty green, and when they do bloom they are only in their full white, full flower, cloud stage for a few weeks! 

Note: Do you see a cardigan, a cute matching bracelet? Oh, no? That's because she hated it all. 


I tried to explain that mommy would really appreciate some cooperation and needed the images for my spring sessions, she said No. Heck no. Never. 

My husband gave it a ridiculously good go. 

Apparently we used all her patience on the drive. She was done. 

So I had KK strike a pose for a little preview of what we could do with a subject that would be still for two seconds. Imagine the possibilities! 


I will be back Orchards. This little flower is a tiny preview of what these tress will soon be covered in. I can't wait! Road trip anyone? 


I should note. We got permission to be in the orchards, they are private property and you enter at your own risk.